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Introvert, Tech & Corporate Entrepreneurship, Instructor @ Istanbul, Turkey

As companies start envisioning and planning for the new state of work, what are the key pieces of the stack that need to be considered.

Sir Richard called in 7 years ago, but the world is just beginning to catch up now. Why do we need offices anymore?

As we slowly emerge from the pandemic, learning how to innovate together will once again be changing.

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One of the most enduring lessons from 2020 was learning to work from home, with all its pros and cons, quirks and concessions. On Google, searches for “working from home” jumped by a factor of almost 15x between February and March last year.

No one could have accurately predicted the shifts from last year; can we do any better predicting this one?

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“Because things are the way they are, things will not remain the way they are.” — Bertolt Brecht

One month into 2021 and we are still not sure how this year is going to turn out. However, one thing is for sure, 2021 is an evolving concept and, as different as 2020 was from 2019, 2021 will also leave its own enduring mark.

Our definition of “going to work” is undergoing a rapid change, and this will have a ripple effect across the entire economy.

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So who is still going to work?

Remote work, i.e. working from home, is set to radically transform not only work and work spaces, but also economies built around the those places where people work.

How to keep the wheels of innovation turning at your company despite the upcoming economic upheaval

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Much has been discussed and debated about “what’s next?”, once the current COVID-19 health crisis has passed and the nationwide lockdowns have lifted. There are new consumer and business trends emerging, new regulations being drafted, and new measures being considered to stem new outbreaks.

How COVID-19 is about to spark significant change with how businesses operate and interact with customers

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Businesses deemed non-essential have been shutdown for weeks. Wherever possible, employees have been working from home, or simply sitting at home, waiting. The images of empty landmarks, deserted city squares, even a unlit Las Vegas strip has multiplied across the internet, reminding us of the extreme measures that societies have taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

How COVID-19 is about to spark significant change in the relationship between citizen and state

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Over the past month, our brains have been seared with images of overcrowded hospitals, and videos of doctors and nurses crying for their dying patients without sufficient equipment to face this invisible enemy. Every evening we scour Twitter for the latest numbers: how many new cases? how many deaths?

A call for corporations to continue pursuing and investing in innovation, even during a global pandemic.

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I think I’ve spent the majority of the last few weeks reading every available news article for updates on COVID-19, constantly perusing through YouTube videos on the virus, studying different mathematical models about when the pandemic will peak, if ever.

As the lean innovation culture takes hold in Turkey, companies are growing up and doubling down on financial impact. This is how they will do it in 2020.

This article was printed first in Turkish in GKTR Mag’s 2020 1st Quarter Issue.

Core Strateji has been the leading lean innovation partner for dozens of large corporations in Turkey and the neighboring region over the past 5 years. While corporate entrepreneurship and startup engagement were just emerging buzzwords back then, those concepts have now come to the forefront of management consciousness, backed by personnel titles, budgets, and corporate programs.

Autocratic countries, i.e. China, Iran and now Russia, have started a trend of partitioning, firewalling their internet from the WWW. What does this mean for the future?

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T’was the night before Christmas ‘19, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The internet was unplugged quietly with care,
In hopes that Putin would feel more in control there;

On Dec. 24th, 2019, slipped into the news among the anticipation of Christmas, Russia announced it had successfully tested a country-wide alternative to the global internet.

What is an Alternative to the Global Internet?

A country-wide intranet or “sovereign internet” restricts the points at…

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